Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost?

For adults, membership costs £40 per year plus £3 "green fee" every time you visit. Junior members (under 18) pay just £15 per year (or £25 if over 18 but under 21) and only £1 green fee. A non-refundable £5 application fee is charged when you apply for membership. Conventional ammunition varies depending on type and quality, but is approximately £3 to £7 per 50 rounds. Air gun ammunition is considerably cheaper than this. You can use club rifles, ear defenders etc. at no additional cost, so can try the various disciplines without having to spend lots of money.

How Do I Become a Member?

You first need to come and visit us, and the timing of this depends somewhat on which discipline or disciplines interest you. Note that you are not allowed to shoot until you have completed an application form, paid the application fee and a police check has been carried out. This latter involves us sending your details to the police, but does not take long and you can normally shoot one week after applying.

Having completed the above steps, you are free to shoot using club, or your own, equipment. Full membership involves a probationary period, though you can continue shooting during this time.

Do C&DRC Offer Shooting Courses?

We don't offer courses as such, though assistance and advice is always available from our members.

Is C&DRC Involved in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme?

Sorry, but there are no plans to offer this at present. However, if there is enough interest — who knows?

How Can I Find Out More?

Probably the best bet is for you to come and have a look at the club, our facilities, and we can have a chat about how to proceed. Please contact us by either of the following methods to arrange a visit.

What Do I Need to Buy?

This will vary considerably depending on what you want to do. Most members start using only club equipment (at no extra cost), which is, of course, the cheapest option. There is some advantage in buying your own equipment, but you can decide what at a later date.

What Licenses Do I Need?

No license is required if you use club rifles, as many of our members do. If you subsequently decide to buy your own, you will need to apply for a firearm certificate. Advice on this is available from club members.

Do You Have Facilites for Full-Bore Shooting?

Our club facilities are purely small-bore (.22" or smaller) only. However, we do have a full-bore section that shoots regularly at Bisley Camp.

Does C&CRC Allow Junior Members

Junior members are very welcome, but they must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian. The minimum age is normally 16.